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QParks Tour in break mode.

If you want to stay efficient in sports, you take breaks from time to time: This is also true in freestyle sports & especially in the contest scene. Now, the team of the QParks Tour is taking a break! After two winter seasons where we had to cancel the tour & its stops due to the covid situation, we are now making the break official. We are not planning a comeback of the QParks Tour next winter.

That's right, the QParks Tour will no longer exist in the familiar format of the contest series. But that doesn't mean we're saying goodbye forever - individual stops that used to be part of the tour will continue to take place as individual slopestyle contests in the QParks. On the social channels of the parks & under QParks we will keep you up to date!

And the QParks Tour? Here we are taking a well-deserved break to reflect, think about new ideas & formats and maybe return in a few years with a QParks Tour 2.0. "Never say never", as they say!

At this point also a THANK YOU to all the riders who accompanied us over the years and proved their skills at the QParks Tour. See you in the QParks!

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